Of late, we have been hearing quite a lot about bezel-less displays. With Xiaomi Mi MIX sporting a futuristic and bezel-less look and leaked images of Nubia’s upcoming bezel-less smartphone, it looks like all smartphone manufacturers are vying for the revolutionary bezel-less design. Xiaomi Mi MIX is actually the first of its kind to feature a screen-to-body ratio that surpasses 90%. Sharp also recently unveiled a concept called the Sharp Concept R. This one’s pretty interesting given that all three sides of the phone’s display are curved towards the phone’s rear. And then there’s also Meizu – the Chinese smartphone manufacturer – which unveiled its own phone featuring a bezel-less display. And it doesn’t end with that. Huawei Honor Magic, scheduled to be released on December 16 in China, will also sport a bezel-less display.

image source: wccftech

And now, a new concept phone design, created by designer Metti Farhang called the Sony Xperia Edge, has surfaced. Similar to Sharp Concept R and Meizu’s bezel-less display, the concept sure does look interesting. But the concept design isn’t something that has been officially announced by Sony. It’s only a concept phone that shows a possible rendering of the bezel-less display on a Sony phone should Sony choose to implement it. However, a closer look at the images of the concept phone shows a thin bezel at the bottom. Wondering why the thin bezel at the bottom when the entire front portion is bezel-less? Well, it looks like that’s where the front camera will fit in.

Will Samsung and Apple continue the bezel-less display trend already set in motion by Xiaomi and others? Will the bezel-less display become the norm for future smartphones? It remains to be seen how mainstream smartphone manufacturers will handle this trend.


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