When buying a new smartphone, battery life is probably the most important deciding factor. However, most of the Android phone batteries don’t even last a day which is really disappointing. Even though fast charging solves the problem till a certain extent, more battery life can only be provided by larger batteries. But larger batteries lead to thicker phones, don’t they? Well, Sony might have a solution to this issue.


Smartphone batteries use Lithium-ion, but Sony is working on a high-capacity battery that uses a sulfur compound. Generally, the electrode inside the sulfur batteries gets dissolved very quickly in the electrolyte during every charge cycle, thus reducing the capacity of the battery. However, Sony says that it has found a fix around this problem and can come up batteries that are 40% more powerful.
What this actually means is that a 4500mAh battery would physically measure the same as a 3220mAh battery. This can help manufacturers decrease the thickness of their devices while still using larger batteries.