Regardless of the possibility that Platinum Games neglected to complete Scalebound, this is a licensed title that is possessed by Microsoft. What’s more, it was being developed for nearly 4 years. In the event that they couldn’t complete it, Microsoft effortlessly could have acquired another group to help them. It happens constantly. Did Sony not get Santa Monica to help them on the Order 1886? They didn’t simply cross out the game and proceed onward. They found an answer.

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Microsoft ought to take lessons from Sony after the appalling disappointment of Scalebound

We’re essentially saying that Microsoft was not able discover an answer. Be that as it may, Sony was. So Microsoft is bumbling and Sony was the savvy one. That reason doesn’t generally work when different distributors have possessed the capacity to discover solutions.

So why might Microsoft fundamentally let a solitary cooperation on an IP they possess for a long time and then let it get to this point?

Yes, you could accuse Platinum Games to a certain extent. In any case, you additionally need to scrutinize the individual that possesses the damn license on why they never acquired another studio to proceed with the development.

Microsoft didn’t get another developer to help Platinum Games basically on the grounds that they likely did not have any desire to spend the cash. Maybe they outsourced the group or they don’t claim the IP or either. This is just a circumstance of Microsoft being misers. The Last Guardian exists following 10 years of development. Sony even got the director, after he exited, to ensure the game was finished.

Source: Eurogamer


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