UK designer to close following 19 years as Sony “makes changes to European studios’ structure”. We trust all individuals influenced by this can find other occupations soon. It generally sucks when individuals buckle down. And after that discover they are being given up because of issues outside of their control. However, Sony says they will reallocate them to different branches/studios where conceivable. And if not, then help them discover employments at different studios. Anyway, good luck to the individuals who were affected by this.


Sony is closing down Guerrila Cambridge which recently created RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

For individuals who don’t have any knowledge about this studio, it is a branch of Guerilla arranged in Cambridge that created the MediEvil establishment, Primal, Ghosthunter and PS Vita shooter Killzone Mercenary. Most as of late, they built up a VR title for PSVR. They are a 19-year-old studio yet they haven’t been doing too fervently over the past 10 years. What’s more, nothing of essentialness has been made or discharged by them. Luckily, whatever is left of Guerilla Games (Guerilla Amsterdam that is creating Horizon: Zero Dawn) stays unaffected.

This current studio’s greatest hit as of late was most likely Killzone Mercenary and that was on the Vita which scarcely anybody possesses. Medieval is a fun game too. We ponder exactly how much scope they had when they were still developing games for Sony. Sony ought to have tossed some remasters at them to make.

The studio made one of the best PSVR release titles. However, now they got the hatchet. This does not bode well for the fate of PSVR. Why is Sony not supporting their optional gaming items like Vita and PSVR? It appears they are depending on outsider studios to do all the work.

In addition, Guerilla Cambridge was as far as anyone knows chipping away at a multi-million AAA establishment for PS4 as per Shinobi of Neogaf in 2014. It could conceivably be another Killzone or Socom.

Source: Games Industry


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