Many have considered whether Sony’s somewhat quelled way to deal with PSVR has been because of an absence of focus from the organization. In any case, PlayStation UK manager Warren Light has revealed that is in no way, shape or form, the case. Talking with Games, the official has affirmed what we expected from the start. The association’s “deliberate” approach has dependably been because of supply issues.

Sony says it did not want to hype the PSVR because of supply-side issues

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“We sort of realized that request would overwhelm supply. So we must be watchful ourselves not to over-buildup the item,” he said. “That was very precarious to do. Since in the meantime we additionally had an obligation to tell the mass market that there was a reasonable and moderate VR contestant. So we must be astute in the ways that we did that.”

Light added that Sony chose to run underground with the item’s promotion in the UK. They did this rather than running insane with a major TV ad campaign. He proceeded with: “One of the more cunning things that I think we did was the establishment of a mammoth PlayStation VR headset at Kings Cross Station. That picked up a considerable measure of media consideration.”

Source: Games Industry


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