Gamers have wanted the PS4 to play PS1, PS2, and PS3 games since launch. Since E3 2015 Microsoft announced that it would be adding backwards compatibility for XBOX 360 games to the XBOX ONE. So we’re finally going to have it across all three consoles this generation it seems. We already have an emulator, by Sony, to play PS2 games but it’s still not the kind of insert-the-disc-and-play backwards compatibility we see on Xbox.


What are the chances of backwards compatibility being added by Sony?

Sony is acting like Atari was during the 80’s. Atari, as far as we remember, was one of the top-earning tech companies. They were easily making a few hundred million each fiscal year. But all of a sudden, well over several months of bad decisions like making more copies of ET and Pacman (as well as paying an advance on the royalties for the Pacman to the programmer) than there were Atari 2600 consoles at the time, they became nearly obsolete.

However, we think it’s more than that. Sony wants to show a good turn-around on investment in the part of the company that produces PlayStations, so they’re probably looking at BC as an economic inefficiency they don’t need while in their dominant position. Whereas for MS, it’s probably a lot easier/cheaper to introduce BC. And we imagine they’ve got market research that tells them it would help retain customers upgrading from 7th gen consoles).

From our experience, businesses (not just game companies), only really look at immediate gains. It seems rare that they look at the long term. If Sony moves like this and keeps in step with Microsoft, that would be the smartest thing they could do for the years to come. Apart from beating them to the punch obviously. Anyways, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • Kevin Tapp Minville

    When i did my research on the PS4 retrocompatibility, everybody seemed to put a HUGE stress on the fact that retro was not available YET.
    I couldn’t imagine it would simply not come, so i bought that Sexy The Last of Us GTA V bundle, and kept waiting for PSOne, PS2 and PS3 compatibility to come, in a simple firmware update.
    But my PS4 is sitting their and getting dustier day after day!

    As long as their is PSNow costumer, Sony won’t look into making the PS4 retrocompatible, and that’s why i’m shopping for a CECHE01 PS3. I know they fail a lot, but i don’t mind reflowing a non-working unit and replace thermal paste every once in a while. It’s not that bad of a job to do, compared to what Sony has to do to fix their bad decision…

  • drd7of14

    X1 does not have true 360 B/C. It does the same exact thing that PS4 does with select PS2 games. Only difference is, they allow purchases to be recognized via digital/disc. Each individual game has to be patched, since the hardware of 360 is not the same as X1.

    There is no way to apply an emulator to make every game work. They were patched to work. PS3 did this with PS2 digital games as well. Patched to work.

    The only 6 truly B/C emulators on console have really been the Wii on Wii U, the GC on Wii, the PS1 on PS2, PS1/PS2 on Original PS3, PSP(PS1 is debatable) on VITA, and Xbox on 360.

    Patching games to work is a port, not B/C.