Can you hear that clamor? It’s the sound of Sony slamming in another nail in poor people PS Vita’s pine box. Goodness, who are we joking. Sony tossed it in the stream years back. Sufficiently okay of the done-a-thousand-times burrows at Sony. However, we’re fantastically baffled right now and in case you’re a PS Vita proprietor that utilizes PS Now a reasonable piece, then you ought to be as well.

image source: SONY

Sony PS Now Refunds Are Possible – Get Yours Now

Sony reported recently over on the PlayStation Blog that PS Now will no longer work on the PS Vita, PS3, and various TV models, as well. In any case, the stop in support won’t be until August fifteenth, 2017. So regardless you have a decent six months. Really, it’s essentially 6 months to the day. Sony’s clarification was that it needs to concentrate on the PS4 and Windows PC stages to guarantee the best understanding.

The remarks segment on the PS Blog isn’t excessively kind towards Sony. And it’s not without reason. PS Vita proprietors have quite recently been informed that they’re losing several games. Yes, it’s conceivable that a large portion of them have a PS4/PC, as well. Yet it’s still a kick in the teeth, much more so in the event that you purchased the fizzled PSTV console for the PS Now offerings.

There is a splendid side, kind of. In the event that you selected into one of those 12-month memberships for PS Now, it’s conceivable to get a refund. So, make sure to get your refund immediately.

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