MediaTek and Qualcomm are the leaders in mobile chipset manufacturing, but tech giants like Apple, Samsung and Huawei find it more economical and flexible to produce their own chipsets for their smartphones. And they have been very successful so far. It looks like Sony wants to try out this formula too, which is why there are rumors that the company might be planning to start producing its own in-house SoC.


According to a report by GforGames, Sony is apparently planning to start producing its own mobile SoC. This rumor seems believable, as the A-series, Exynos, and Kirin chipsets have tasted a great deal of success, and it is totally normal for Sony to go that way.
Before Sony, LG too had tried to design a mobile chipset for the LG Nuclun, which was a failure. However Nuclun 2 might fix that for LG. As for the rumored Sony mobile SoC, no more details are known. It is also possible that this news might just be a baseless rumor, so take this leak with a spoon of salt. However, we do hope for Sony-SoC powered Xperia Z-series phones.