The universe of VR has been separated into two camps. The one that is completely immersive, for example, Oculus and the HTC Vive. And the other is the more available however less component rich PSVR. That all could change taking after a patent application by Sony Interactive Entertainment for a beacon style VR following framework.

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Sony Patents Vive like Tracking System for PSVR

You can look at the Sony patent by clicking on the link below. While it might sound befuddling, it is fundamentally illustrating a comparable gadget to what the Vive uses. A shaft projector that decides the player’s position in the play-space in view of light and mirrors. Like the way sonar works. Some of you may not know contrast between an outer framework, for example, then HTC Vive, contrasted with what PSVR has worked in. Everything comes down to drenching. At present, the PSVR utilizes an inherent framework that depends on light from the headset and the PlayStation camera to put the player in the virtual world. Be that as it may, this offers little portability for the player.

While there are drawbacks to an outside following arrangement, the key point is that it would be more exact. Moreover, it would put the PSVR in an indistinguishable alliance from the Oculus and the Vive. While the PS4 may not coordinate the force of a gaming PC with the most recent innovation, it would, at any rate, give designers a comparative toolset when porting games.

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