PlayStation boss has opened up and given his opinion about what he thinks about all the drama that ensued in the wake of No Man’s Sky. Sony says “We don’t want to stifle ambition.” and “We don’t want to stifle creativity.” The bottom line is gamers are angry because they were sold a product under extremely false pretences, not just by Hello Games, but by Sony as well. They have somehow dodged all responsibility, despite standing this indie title up, to sell countless PS4s.

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Sony is also responsible for creating propping up a failed game

Sony needs what is coming to them. They should pay – through the nose – for their ongoing anti-consumer ways. No one would have known about this game, if not for them, and their well-rehearsed E3 promo segments.

On the other hand, the problem with Hello Games is not that we hate them for having big ambitions despite the lack of people working on the product, and then releasing it. We hate them for exposing their ambitions on screenshots which are on the steam page, saying that these screenshots are in the product, which were not. They were still “ambitions”, why not add these screenshots after updating the game with those ideas and concepts? why not shut up about things that haven’t been done instead of hyping everyone with non-existing details?

Having the courage to say “yes” is one thing but having the courage of saying it and doing it is another. No one forced them to have all these gameplay mechanics in the product, their own hype did. Also charging AAA money for a game created by 6 people is messed up. It was worth 30 bucks at most and couple that with the “updates”, they are supposedly working on, for free, and it would have given them a great launch and rep, now it’s basically burned.

Anyways let us know whether you think Sony should also take some of the blame for marketing a mess that was No Man’s Sly.


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