The PS4 Pro is not sufficiently capable of rendering most games in 4K locally. At the end of the day, that is irrelevant. This is on account of Sony and other outsider developers utilizing a fairly cunning upscaling procedure. It’s known as Checkerboard Rendering. the strategy is utilized to upscale most games into 4K resolutions at any rate. It’s the sort of workaround that gives clients a chance to get practically comparative outcomes at far less expensive costs as compared to a genuine 4K.

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Sony Going With Checkerboard Upscaling on PS4 Pro Is A Little Disappointing, Artomatix CTO

Be that as it may, what do developers think about the PS4 Pro, and of Sony’s workaround? GamingBolt as of late had an opportunity to take a seat for a visit with Eric Risser. he is the CTO of Artomatix. The organization is known for conveying savvy solutions for rendering high-constancy 3D universes, surface creation suite alongside different devices for the games and related organizations. Because of a question about the PS4 Pro and Sony’s checkerboard rendering, Risser to a great extent sounded inspired. In any case, he did express disillusionment with Sony running with something as shortsighted as they did.

“The Checkerboard technique shouldn’t be too much trouble to program as it’s just a simple post-process,” he said. “They essentially just render half the pixels in a checkerboard pattern and then fill in the blank pixels by blurring together the rendered pixels. People have been doing tricks like this for decades. As for how it will stack up against true 4k rendering. I honestly can’t say without looking at a few games being played side by side. Obviously, the quality won’t be as good, the question is if it will be noticeably bad.”


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