Sega just revealed the teaser footage of its new most anticipated title Sonic Forces. Previously known as Project Sonic and Sonic 2017 is Sega’s one of the best releases of all times. Also, Sega revealed Sonic Forces recently at SXSW Conference and Festivals event during the Holiday season.

In addition, based on its look and overall feel, it is probably one of the the best ever Sonic titles. This particular title might be a good way to reinvigorate the fading Sonic Franchise.

Sonic Forces is a lot similar to most of the good 3D games. It resembles a lot to the remarkable Sonic Colors released back in 2010 on Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS consoles. The game includes two different types of Sonic the Hedge Hog. The first character falls in the category of 2D Cartoon Persona. The other one bases upon a more modernistic Sonic the Hedgehog character, PressStart states.

The head of Sonic team Takashi Iizuka says that

Sonic Forces is an evolution of Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations combined. Accordingly, the game will come with new concepts and three unique gameplay styles, modern and classic among them and with a third that has yet to be revealed.

Siliconera reports that Sonic Forces utilizes a new game engine called “Hedgehog Engine 2”. This new engine is based on the principles of the old one and is actually its evolution. This engine will help to utilize many new visual styles and some elements from the past that might come in handy while developing this remarkable game. The elements such as Illumination, Physical rendering, a load of the new enhancements and improved mechanics are the elements that new engine will utilize in making the Sonic Forces a reality.

Carrying the standard Sonic formula, Sonic Forces will offer a fast-paced gameplay. A lot of platform-based play, branching paths, and Exploration are also some of the main elements of the game. In the game, Sonic Forces will join all his friends from Sonic the Hedgehog universe in order to fight against the Doctor Eggman and all of his evil army of minions. The game will be available from the oncoming Holiday season on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One consoles.

For a more keen look at what Sonic Forces is all about, have a look at the beautiful teaser footage below.

Source: UniversityHerald


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