Song Hye Kyo who really loves to post photos of babies on her Instagram profile is back at it again after an almost 2 months of pause. In one of her latest acts on social media, she posted a photograph of herself with babies which was quick enough to garner more than 330,000 likes and 2000 spontaneous comments. Her recent love for babies is rumored to have erupted after ongoing bromance of Song Joong-Ki and Park Bo Gum.

In her latest interview with W magazine, she admitted that her love or fantasies for marriage have faded away. Her comment was taken in contrast to the alleged love in between her rumored boyfriend and Park Bo Gum as it’s been a few months now that the controversial “bromance” in between the former have made headlines quite a number of times.

Song Hye Kyo and her love for babies

Song Hye Kyo has posted her photos with numerous babies a plenty of times now which forces fans to believe the fact that the “Descendants of the Sun” actress might want to have her own babies. Many fans went straight on open and expressed that it appears that the actress is considering to have her own babies after her rumored fall out with Song Joong-Ki. What is the real matter and what has forced Song Hye Kyo to come up with her baby love, no one knows?

Speaking about Song Joong-ki and Park Bo Gum’s alleged “bromance” there is no official statement by either of the stars on the same. The growing friendship of both the actors is now conflicting to the definition of brother love. Stay tuned with us for more updates as we shall be updating the space soon.


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