It seems Qualcomm turned quite a few heads at Computex 2017 when they demoed a Snapdragon 835 running Windows 10. The event also saw the company’s vice president of product marketing Don McGuire teaming up with Microsoft’s Pete Bernard to interact with the press and the attendees of the event.

Following a big overview with the two and a conversation with Monte Giles, McGuire and Bernard spent awhile with the productivity and video demo. Worth noting, it was only earlier this week when Lenovo, Asus, and HP confirmed that they were embracing the SD 835 and Windows 10 combo for future product lines.

The demo featuring emulation of Office 2016 (32-bit) was indeed impressive. It included an Excel data set, the creation of a chart and then copying it to a PowerPoint presentation. In the next phase, the presentation was sent via email using Outlook.

ARM-based Windows 10 device coming later this year

Bernard assured the attendees that Microsoft will include a native ARM version of Office in time, although he didn’t delve into specifics. He further stated that Office will be recompiled for the ARM instruction set and pointed out that ARM set is likely to be faster than the X86 instruction set.

The Microsoft executive also said that Redmond likes to keep track of the top hundred apps and that as Windows 10 launches on Snapdragon, the company will ensure that all those apps operate seamlessly through the simulation layer.

Meanwhile, the attendees were also shown 7 Zip (x86) third party app functioning flawlessly on the platform. The demo also saw Microsoft’s Edge browser being subject to a GigabitLTE test during which an average download speed of 300 Mbps was achieved.



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