Snapdragon 810 since its launch has been in news for all the hype it created and then the stories of overheating which made it a latest technological failure. However this monstrous SoC is still continuing its journey by housing the OnePlus 2 a new device from OnePlus. Qualcomm on other hand is not deterred by the reviews it had got on 810 and is moving towards the future with positive outlook.


At MWC 2015 Qualcomm has announced the Snapdragon 820 which assures you to provide better performance is much cooler and has better throttling capability. After that there was no news on the chip and was thought to be a mere show stealer from 810. Even there were rumors of Snapdragon 815 which were swiftly refuted.


But with the arrival of the current news, Snapdragon 820 can hit the markets sooner than expected. According to inside sources, a test batch of Snapdragon 820 chips has been sent to customer. We may see the chip being housed in a variety of devices coming soon if all the testing goes well at the customer end.


There are rumors that LG G4 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 5 may be powered by Snapdragon 820 but we have to wait until official news. Looking at the market reaction on Snapdragon 810, the new chip will be on high stakes as we can see that still manufacturers are supporting the Qualcomm.

Qualcomm has again visited its old process for 64-bit CPU cores dubbed as Kryo and with a new custom feature named ARMv8 which is said to be equivalent of Samsung’s 14nm FinFET and TSMC 16nm technology. This will allow the CPU core to throb at 3.0GHz, however this time the production units are being throttled to avoid any heating issues and provide a much cooler device to the users.