E-commerce sites need to hustle their way to find a better position for themselves in this competitive market, in positioning itself in this market Snapdeal has overhauled its brand identity and revealed it’s brand new logo. The company’s tagline now says “Unbox Zindagi.”


Snapdeal’s new brand logo is now in vermello with red color shade, and the box packaging from now onwards will be in line with the new brand logo. Snapdeal’s new Brand logo is designed by Prasoon Joshi’s McCann Ericsson, Famous Innovations, and Design Studio and company says that the new identity can be experienced by users across brand communication, browsing, discovery, and even delivery.

Snapdeal in a blog post reads,

The heart of the new positioning is about understanding the real need of the users and understanding that each purchase is not just a transaction, but an opportunity for users to upgrade to a better life. Snapdeal soon start the campaign with the new brand identity that will appear in the form of TVCs, print, outdoor all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and also YouTube.


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