Snapchat has introduced a brand new feature that will woo a lot of people. If you are a fan of face swapping, then you will be in for a treat as it has been included in Snapchat. It uses complex technologies in facial recognition to analyze your face and then swap it with a face that you choose. What is more amazing is that the swapped face will move along with your face’s movements. But some users have found an interesting use of this feature. What about swapping faces with dogs and cats?


It has been found that swapping faces of dogs and cats would be similar to that when done to a person (if you will be able to apply Snapchat lenses to a dog or cat face). The process is simple but needs to be done with extra care. First open up the Snapchat app. Then choose the front camera and make sure your complete face is seen on the display. Then hold down on the display, until you see the lens option. After that, choose the face swap lens and get a hold of your cat or dog.

Now the fun begins. The trick is to get your dog or cat to look at the front camera so that its entire face is on the screen. Make sure there are no abrupt movements. After swapping, make sure to capture the video or picture fast. This is because Snapchat can’t trace the faces of dogs or cats for a long time. You must be quick in what you do, and the results will not be disappointing. Have fun, swapping faces and sharing crazy pictures or videos with friends and family.


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