The Snapchat app gets new lenses almost daily, but only a few of them become very popular. One such lens is the Face Swap lens that came out on Friday. It is a two-person lens, the first one of its kind on Snapchat, and has been gaining great reviews on social media. However, many users are still finding it difficult to use the Face Swap lens.

Here’s the full guide on using Snapchat’s Face Swap lens.

how to face swap on snapchat

How To Use Face Swap Lens On Snapchat

  1. Get a doll, pet, photo of someone, a friend, etc.
  2. Go to the Snapchat app and double tap the camera screen to activate the front camera.
  3. Now tap and hold your finger on your face until it is recognized by the camera and the new lenses appear.
  4. Browse through the lenses by swiping and find the Face Swap lens. It will be the one with arrows and two smiling faces.
  5. Now get you and the other face inside of the two smiley faces screen.
  6. After the camera recognizes both the faces, it will automatically swap them.
  7. Now snap a picture or hold the snap button to make a small video clip.

If you are not able to snap a photo properly using the Face Swap lens in Snapchat, just keep your face farther from the screen and try again.