Those who have downloaded and installed the latest Snapchat update will notice a new timer or hourglass emojis next to the names of some of your friends. But what does the hourglass emoji in Snapchat mean? Snapchat’s official support page on Twitter has revealed that the new hourglass emoji indicates that your snapstreak is going to end.

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This isn’t the first time when a Snapchat emoji has been released without its meaning. Last spring, the cryptic friend emoji was introduced and no one knew what it meant. Since them, a lot of such emojis have been added including heart, baby, or the gold star emoji. The guys at Snapchat are usually secretive about the meanings of new emojis, but they let the hourglass emoji be an exception.

Meanwhile, we have prepared a full list of snapchat emoji meanings that a lot of users don’t know. Check them out to know what this or that emoji means.

Complete List Of Snapchat Emoji Meanings

Hourglass – Your Snapstreak with that friend will be ending soon.

Yellow Heart — Number 1 best friends with each other. The most snaps from both of you are shared between yourselves.

Baby — Just became friends with this user.

Pink Hearts — Number 1 best friends for 2 months.

Red Heart — Number 1 best friends for 2 weeks.

Gold Star — The snaps of this person have been replayed within the last 24 hours, which indicates he might have something interesting worth looking at.

Smiling Face — This is not your number 1 best friend but is a good friend whom you send a lot of snaps.

Smirking Face — They are not one of your best friends, but you are a best friend to them. They send a lot of snaps to you while you don’t send them many snaps.

Face With Sunglasses — A best friend of yours is their best friend. It’s like mutual best friends.

Fire — You have snapped this person every day and they too have snapped you back everyday, so you are on Snapstreak!

Grimacing Face — They are the number 1 best friend of your number 1 best friend.

Hundred — You have successfully snapped with someone back and forth for hundred days straight.


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