In this era where social media has taken over the internet, several types of social media websites and apps are the centre of attraction for smartphone users. There’s Facebook for keeping yourself updated with the latest posts from people you care about. Then there’s WhatsApp for messaging your contacts and Instagram for sharing artsy pictures. Well, there’s Snapchat for sharing selfie videos or “snaps” as they are called.

snapchat for android download

Snapchat is essentially a video messaging app that allows you to take selfie pictures or videos, add drawings and texts, etc. One of the best features about this app is that you can set a time limit, that is for how long your messages are displayed to the recipient before being permanently deleted from their end and Snapchat’s servers too. There’s a Stories functionality too that allows you to compile several snaps into stories in chronological orders.

All said and done, Snapchat is really popular, which is why its developers make sure that it is updated regularly. A new Snapchat Beta update has been released and is 44.7 MB in size. It works on Android 4.1 and above. As this is a beta update, there are no significant changes in it, and this release is also not very stable. So if you are installing it, make sure you are aware of beta apps misbehaving. You can download Snapchat Beta APK for free from below source link.


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