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The brand new Smite Patch 3.2 doesn’t bring a lot of new things to the table but it did roll out a new character named the Master of Thunder. It’s a pretty interesting character to play and it is likely to help dominate the map early game.

The Master of Thunder also known as Raijin walks around with drums that he slams to cast attacks. The drums are charged as abilities are cast and once they all four drums have been charged his next ability will do additional damage.

Master Of Thunder

Raijin’s abilities all deliver area of effect damage:

  1. Percussion Storm delivers multiple attacks in a line, the ability is canceled after four hits or when an enemy player is damaged.
  2. Thunder Crash delivers damage to the selected area and the Master of Thunder leaps to the selected area and delivers another load of damage.
  3. Raiju is multipurpose ability, the player is able to target an enemy player. Raiju will reveal the target to the rest of the team. Once the targeted enemy has been damaged the ability can be re-casted and Raiju will deal damage to the target and the surrounding area.
  4. Taiko Drum (ultimate) sends Raijin to the selected area and does either one of three things; Deal 100% damage, deal 50% damage and fear the target for 0.5s or deal 50% damage and taunt the target.

The 3.2 Patch as mentioned doesn’t bring a lot of significant changes, some skins are added, character achievements have been added and a bunch of items updated/tweaked. The most significant change in items is the change made to the Magus. It is now less effective and it’s purpose is focused to counter enemies with low magical protections.

In the new patch, no character balance changes have been made, the only change that is related to specific characters is that Bachhus’ Burp does not effect team players their screens. It does no longer cause the annoying shaky effect it had before.

Because of the rapid change of the game during the previous season, there were no changes made aimed at balancing out character and gameplay.  At least, that’s what Hi-Reyz wrote on his website.

“The response from season three has been fantastic, and we would like to encourage everyone to continue to send their feedback!” the studio explains. “In terms of balance, we only made a few small adjustments and fixes to items this patch. We have seen rapid shifts in play style and new meta development and will continue to monitor the changes from season three as a whole, so we can make more informed changes in subsequent patches.”


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