A new rating board listing suggests that we’ll see Smite on PlayStation 4 in the coming months. PEGI, the European Ratings Board has listed Smite for the forthcoming release, and it stamped it with 12 years and over rating. The reason for that decision being that the game “contains non-realistic looking violence towards human characters.”


This will probably happen because Smite first got released for PC almost two years back, and Xbox One edition followed in August 2015. That makes PS4 the only “”Next Gen” platform that still doesn’t have the game in its library.

One more reason is that the Smite is having a big impact on the eSports scene, it holds third biggest tournament prize pool ever with $2.6 million, beaten only by Dota 2’s The International, which owns first two places.

There is no official confirmation from Sony about this, but it will likely happen, sooner or later.