What do you get when you take old Nokia 3310’s Snake, and turn it into a massively multiplayer online game? You Slither.io, that’s what. Like the classic game, you play as a snake, determined to grow big by swallowing orbs, but there’s a couple of twists. Instead of walls being your foes, you have to other snakes to contend with, and instead of dying to your own body, you can comfortably roll over it. Here’s how it works.


In Slither.io, your goal is to become the biggest, longest snake ever. To do this, you have to eat orbs – a lot of them. But just going around eating stray orbs is not going to do the trick, you need to eat up the largest stores of them. And those stores are found when a snake dies, exploding into many, many orbs ripe for collection. Take a swim through a dead snake’s orbs and you’ll end up considerably bigger than before.

The key, then, is to encircle other snakes like in the picture above. This forces them to slam into you and explode, leaving you to collect all their juicy, shiny orbs and grow big. Of course, you are to do this while avoiding getting encircled and killed by other snakes yourself. Slither.io is available on its official website, or alternately as an app for Android and iOS.


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