What do you get when you combine the hectic insanity of Snake with the hectic insanity of an online multiplayer game? Slither.io, of course! It’s a lot like former web game hit Agar.io in that you have to get consume orbs to get bigger, while on a huge playing field against real human players. Unlike agar.io, however, you have to avoid enemies, rather than trying to consume then. Here’s what you can do to get particularly good at the game.


Double Tap for a Speed Boost. That’s right, if you double tap your screen and hold it, you get a speed boost. On the PC, you can double-click and hold your left mouse button down for the same effect. Doing this is handy when you need to get somewhere before your rivals, but keep in mind you will lose some of your length, leaving behind particles in your wake for others to collect.

Use the Mini-map. You might be too busy with the main action in the game to notice that the game has a circular mini-map in the bottom-right of the screen. Use it to track your progress as you explore the map and go from one quadrant to another.

Be Aggressive! Collecting stray particles is great and all, but if you really want a heap of new stuff, you need to scavenge off of dead snakes. Encircle smaller snakes and force them to bump into you to make them explode, and absorb their particles. Be careful not to get encircled yourself!

Remember, You Cannot Bump Into Yourself. This is a bit of a betrayal from the original game of Snake, but it turns out you cannot bump into yourself. Take advantage of this once you become a bigger snake.

Know any tips or tricks that we missed? Let us know in the comments below.


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