has been fulfilling our dream of consuming shiny things and enlarging in size for a while now, and we’ve already done a guide on what you can do to become the longest snake of them all. But what do you do once you’ve made it to the top? Well, you make sure you stay at the top, obviously. Here’s how you can do just that.

Firstly, let’s begin by unlearning what we learned previously. Once you’re a big snake, don’t boost. You will loose shiny orbs by boosting, which will both make you smaller and help other snakes get their game up. Don’t do their job for them. Besides, as a big snake, you don’t really need to rush to get the smaller pleasures. That may or may not be innuendo.

Head to the edge. While it’s risky dancing about on the edge of the map, you will get far fewer snakes trying to murder you. And what’s more, if they try to dash past you in some cheeky attempt to kill you, they’ll end up falling off the face of the earth. Very convenient.

Encircle, encircle, encircle. You already learned this trick in our previous guide, but here’s an augmentation on that trick: you can encircle snakes that are already encircling other snakes. This is because coiling themselves around a snake makes them just the right shape for you to try and perform the spiral of death on them. Just make sure you don’t end up with an even bigger fish- er snake, doing the same to you.

Make a wall. You can travel over your own body, so that advantage of that to form an impenetrable wall that will make you invincible to others. There will inevitably be fools running into you, so take advantage of them and gobble ’em up.


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