has become one of the most sensational games ever made for web and mobile platforms. This classic game is meant to be played online against other people, and all you need to do is keep eating points to grow yourself (a slithery snake). The aim is to be the longest player in the game. Tips and Tricks

In the Slither game, you will explored and the game will be over if you touch other player with your head. However, if someone touches you, then that player explodes and you can grow longer by eating their remains. The game is played by millions of crazy fans and is available on Android as APK download. The Android version also has the option to play single player against AI (CPU).

Slither APK has been updated to version 1.4.0 and brings some significant improvements in the game. The new Slither APK download file weighs 11.42 MB and runs on all Android devices. The new update brings improvements for the control modes, and there are some new skins too to add some freshness to the game. Also, a single player mode bug has been fixed in this update.

To download APK for Android, go to the source link below or search for the game on APK4fun, which is a trusted mirror site for APK downloads.


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