With Triads War finally arriving to the PC consumer base, we aren’t surprised if everyone’s favorite Jackie Chan inspired open world action game finally receives the long-awaited sequel. There is no official confirmation of the Sleeping Dogs 2 release date from Sleeping Dogs dev and publisher Square Enix but that doesn’t mean we cannot speculate, based on rumors, that would the sequel could include. Here are some of the main features that are rumored to be in the game.

sleeping dogs 2 release date
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Sleeping Dogs 2 Release Date – Game might feature a USA setting instead of Hong Kong

As much as we loved the urban crowded streets and roads of the original Sleeping Dogs, it still doesn’t match to the freedom of movement and the endless possibilities you could get in a USA setting. You could differ from us on this so please let us know your opinion in the comments.

More interior gameplay

The original Sleeping Dogs didn’t take full advantage of the amazing combat system. A lot of the combat was mostly in open space and then there were the dreaded shooting sections which felt like they were forced into the overall design as part of a last-minute decision. We would like to see more interior and corridor fighting sequences on Sleeping Dogs 2 release date when it finally arrives.

Multiplayer/ Co-op

Yes please! Like this will be a dream come true. Imagine doing combos with your buddies. The game could also include some kind of support system whereby two players could coordinate a move for devastating effect. We can even have Dark Souls type multiplayer where anyone could invade your game and try to find and kill you (actually this could be a lot similar to Watch Dogs as well).

More verticality

Sleeping Dogs was very grounded. It was fun but the parkour sequences didn’t have so much risk to it. At most, you could climb to a balcony on the second floor or go up a stairs. We would like to see more sequences where a player is forced to ascend buildings in really unexpected away. Just imagine District 13 (the Brazilian parkour action film).

Air combat!

We had car hi-jacking in Sleeping Dogs. So, what’s the next step? Allow players to hijack helicopters and planes. It’s a long shot but, if implemented correctly, could really work out well.

Let us know what you think of the gameplay rumors so far. We’ll keep you updated with more Sleeping Dogs 2 release date news and updates.


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