When Sleeping Dogs launched back in 2012 people considered it one of the biggest and most pleasant surprises of that year. Now, many years later, we appear to have a sequel pretty much confirmed by publisher Square Enix. United Front Game Studios, who made the original, appear to be closing down. They haven’t officially announced their closure yet but a tweet from producer Jen Timms confirms the studio’s shutdown. But does that mean Sleeping Dogs 2 may never see the light of day?

sleeping dogs 2
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Could this mean Square Enix is hiring a new developer for Sleeping Dogs 2

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The Definitive Edition didn’t do a whole lot better to make the original a better game. However, the good news is Sleeping Dogs 2 might make immense improvements to the previous game. The original still feels great so the new developer will have to come up with some pretty revolutionary gameplay design to make a worthy sequel.

Sleeping Dogs’s beauty was that while it is fun to play, it also had a fascinating story and a cast of great characters. The voice acting was exceptionally good. Developer UFG did a really good job of recreating the city of Hong Kong. Labyrinth of city streets, a densely packed population and plenty of ambient noise and chatter to keep things feeling and sounding real.

In fact, the original’s reliance on a mixture of Cantonese and English is a far cry from the usual English only slant of games that take place overseas. This was a really nice touch back then. So, we already established how the sequel would have a huge responsibility of making a worthy successor. Now all that’s left is to see which developer the publisher hires next, now that UFG has left the scene.

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