There is still no confirmation that Skyrim Special Edition has ever run on the Nintendo Switch. Yet everyone keeps stating it as fact. Nintendo themselves admitted the gameplay shown in the trailer was fake. And people had proven it was projected onto the Nintendo Switch as an after effect before Nintendo admitted it. We’re just saying no one has come out and confirmed that Skyrim Special Edition is running on this device. But everyone keeps saying it like it’s the gospel truth.

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Is Skyrim Special Edition even coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo had to show some AAA third party game in that trailer. And since Skyrim is one of the most popular games in the last decade and it’s not as violent as GTA V it was an obvious way to get more people than just hard core Nintendo fans excited for the Switch. So we think its very possible they threw the game in the trailer for its reaction value. Even though it ultimately might not end up on the console.

After all that we’re still not saying we don’t want Skyrim on the Switch. It’s actually exactly the type of game we want to be able to play on the Switch. Except it’s kind of old at this point. It just annoys us the way people state things as fact even though nothing has ever been confirmed by anyone.

On the other hand, we highly doubt Nintendo would use false advertising practices after the Wii U’s sad failure. If they were to release the Switch with no Skyrim there would be HUGE backlash. Since it was a big focal point in the trailer. Sure, there is always that chance it won’t be coming. But they would be stupid not to release it. Hell, we’re sure there are people who put off getting Skyrim Special Edition just so they could get it on the switch.

Source: Express


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