Skyblivion intends to take the older game and use the Skyrim Special Edition’s engine. The story, characters, items, etc. are the same as the old one. It just uses the newer game’s engine. Skyblivion is really great because it uses Skyrim’s engine and it’s gameplay mechanics, too. Furthermore, it also retains the Oblivion map, NPCs, etc.

skyrim special edition
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Skyrim Special Edition Mod recreates The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion

A note on the NPC’s looks: Their appearance doesn’t get imported in like the landmass. You have to manually create the looks for every NPC in the world. This is already being done in Skyblivion. For this project, only some of the important NPCs have been created, assigned gender, and named. The dark skin and white face is the default look in the CK. Customizing them will come much later after modders finish the major work. This is to be expected.

You will notice how ugly and bright the interiors look. Again, this is to be expected since the interiors use Oblivion textures/meshes straight from your Oblivion game. A lot of these textures don’t have a Skyrim Special Edition counterpart, so the Oblivion ones are used as default. The bright interiors come from the Skyrim lighting. Devs are forced to use new textures and adjust the lighting indoors to give it an Oblivion feel to it.

Graphics have a notable change. You will notice a major upgrade in graphics. Modders have gotten rid of the ugly textures being used before. They have made a lot of the textures (environment and towns) use Skyrim HD 2K textures.


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