We’ll show you how to get any house for free in Skyrim Special Edition. This works with absolutely any house in the game that can be found in most major cities. It also works for when you’re buying land or furniture for your house. However, keep in mind that the method is a glitch which tricks the game into thinking that you’ve given the gold for buying the house. Make sure you have no mods installed because the glitch doesn’t work with them.

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How to buy a house for free in Skyrim Special Edition

To buy a house in any important town or city you must first help out the people in that place. Once enough people like you then you can speak to the court steward and he’ll offer to sell you the house. However, you need to make sure you have the required amount to buy the house but don’t worry because you won’t be spending a penny of it,

Make sure the court steward is near a piece of furniture. If that’s not the case then wait until he is. For the next part of this guide equip the Slow Time shout. You can do it without it but it gets a little bit harder. Now save the game just in case. Talk to the steward and tell him you’re going to buy the house. Right after agreeing to buy the house, instead of choosing the “I’ll take it” dialogue option, cancel out of the conversation and use the Slow Time shout.

Quickly open the furniture and deposit all of your gold in it. After that, you will notice that you get the key to the house and all of your gold is still retrievable. Here you go, that’s how you trick the game into giving you a house for free. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this guide for Skyrim Special Edition.


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