We have some really awesome recommendations for a one-handed build in Skyrim Special Edition. If you have any other suggestions to improve it then do mention them in the comments. So far, this is the best build for the one-handed Hercules build. And if you play your cards right, just like we outlined here, the enemies will go down in a matter of minutes in closed quarter combat.

skyrim special edition
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Skyrim Special Edition guide for the best one handed build

Keep these steps in mind when confronting an enemy. Try to paralyze them with Mass Paralysis or Paralyze. If this is effective, pull out your Dragonbone Mace in the right hand and Dragonbone Sword in the left, then destroy them with dual wield power attacks. If you cannot paralyze them, hold your Dragonbone Sword in the right hand and either Spellbreaker or Close Wounds in your left hand (which one you choose is up to preference and what type of enemy you’re up against). Use a combination of sword attacks, shield charging and bashing, and restoration spells to take down your enemy.

Another option is to use your dual wield setup whenever attacking, and once you get low on health pull out Spellbreaker in your left hand and Close Wounds in your right. Use Spellbreaker to protect against incoming magic attacks, and spam Close Wounds until you are back up to full.

Make sure you are wearing Dragonscale Armor. As for weapons, these are your best bet: Dragonbone Mace, Dragonbone Sword and Dragonbone Dagger (optional). Invest approximately 60% of your level ups towards health and 40% towards stamina. Go for a 70% health and 30% stamina after level 40, and after level 50 around an 80%/20% split. But again, this is up to you.

Let us know your thoughts about Skyrim Special Edition in the comments. Stay tuned to MobiPicker for more guides on this game and many more.


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