Have you ever heard of the Skype Qik feature? If not, then you will probably not hear about it again in the future. Microsoft has decided to discontinue the unpopular feature which many people didn’t even know existed. They have explained that Skype Qik will be discontinued due to the fact the Skype Group Calling feature implements the same features and adds more to it. It simply allowed users to share the favorite video clips online. Skype Group Calling has been made available to mobile devices and PCs as of now and is expected to launch for the latest version of the Windows 10 Mobile OS.


Skype Qik will be available till March 24th 2016 and users are requested to save any of the special messages that they would like to see in the future before this date. Post March 24th, receiving and sending messages will be cancelled and the feature will be void. The new video messaging updates on Skype have added fun features like filters to make video messages even more appealing. To send a video message, just check the video message icon on the media bar. This has been detrimental to Skype Qik’s success as users felt no need for a separate application for sharing videos.

Also, Skype has been very deeply integrated into the Windows 10 OS and users don’t need to look elsewhere for a messaging app. Essential features like chatting, video messaging, group video calling and more are all included in the Skype application which comes preloaded in the OS.


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