We have entered into 2016 and yet Apple’s MacBook are running on the last generation of Intel chips. So it’s quite imminent that a refreshed line of laptops make their way into the market.

Already prominent Windows vendors like the HP, Dell and Lenovo have already jumped on the bandwagon of “Skylake”, the latest and sixth generation of Intel Core Processor that follows Haswell/Broadwell (the Haswell microarchitecture was first introduced back in 2013). But on the Apple side things are a bit slow and most of the MacBooks currently ships with Broadwell i.e. 5th generation of Intel chips.

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2016 Skylake Edition Release DatesThe latest chip from Intel features a lot of improvement over its predecessor among which battery life remains the main focus. Going by the earlier life-cycle of upgrades from Apple, we have listed the expected time frames (Via Forbes) in which you can expect the new Macs.

15-inch MacBook Pro (2016) Retina: The 15-inch Notebook from Apple is expected to get the upgrade anytime soon starting March. MacBook Pro Retina 15-inch is one of the hardest Notebook to speculate from previous experience. The internal upgrade was last done in May last year so a replacement is definite in this regard. Therefore, we shall have the Skylake processor in place of Haswell and as far as other physical changes go, you can’t expect much as it’s been the same since 2012.

13-inch MacBook Pro (2016) Retina: Same as above, The 13-inch MacBook Pro Retina shall retail anytime soon starting March. It’s almost a year since the 13-inch Notebook from Apple hit the refresh lines so it won’t be wrong to expect a Skylake version of the same.

13-inch MacBook Air (2016): It’s the most untouched device from Apple with no apparent changes since 2010. 13-inch MacBook Air is doing great with those heavy bezels too but some changes in this regard will be a definite welcome. Even if there aren’t any visual changes we can expect the Skylake processors to make their way into the machine. MacBook Air too is expected to hit the shelves sometime in March with upgrades


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