TLC and Brown family; the combination is always controversially good. Controversial for the magazines and good for the viewers. The whole idea of one man being married to 4 women and they living happily together was in all a brave step. And to top it all, showcasing the controversial life (obviously) of the Brown family on television was again a more courageous decision.

The first 8 seasons were very engaging, controversial, eventful and eye locking which is why the story of the 9 season came in the news, but it seems like the future of the show is on a broken boat as Kody is almost bankrupt as revealed by a close friend of the family, Kendra Polland. Kody’s in debt itchy situation has led to millions of fights amongst the sister wives.

SISTER WIVES, (from left): Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, Kody Brown, Meri Brown, Robyn Brown, (Season 1), 2010-. photo: Joe Pugliese / © TLC / Courtesy: Everett Collection

More updates on Season 5

Meri, who is the only official wife of Brown has been facing a harsh time with her husband, Brown since the catfishing scandal. But now the couple are able to discuss the matter more comfortably than before. Kody started guessing about the reasons for the marriage falling apart and wanted to see a family therapist as well. But Meri has been pushing Kodi away and hence the sour relationship. Though Kody had tried to resolve the differences but nothing worked out as such further which led her into the catfishing scandal.

Rumors have been going on further that Kody is trying to get a new wife so as the series can be considered for a renewal by TLC. But again, nothing of these sorts are confirmed as yet and we can all just wait for any official release of the statement. Stay tuned with us for more information.


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