Sims 4 was EA’s next venture in the popular life simulator. The game is about plastic mini dolls speaking in complete gibberish that only they can understand. You have the freedom to make them prosperous or completely ruin their lives. Furthermore, you can just watch them die in a pool (some of our guilty pleasures). Pekesims, a Spanish blog about Sims, did some data mining into Sims 4’s code and found evidence of toddlers in the game. Sims 4 rumors point towards devs implementing toddlers for the game.

Sims 4 rumors – Did EA plan to introduce toddler in the game?

Indeed, it appears that EA got cold feet at some point and decided to backtrack on using toddlers in the game? Consequently, some Sims fans and modders think this is the case. Sims4studio member inabadromance looked into some hidden assets in the game’s code and discovered almost complete models for toddlers. The Tumblr post gives some details.

“There’s a toddler texture in the game since january 2015, but recently max20 at Sims4Studio also found a Model that could be for toddlers since it’s bigger and more detailed than the babies Model. Then the awesome @inabadromance put them together and it’s a toddler that it looks A LOT like that toddler from that toddler render. So I shared this information on a brazilian sims group I’m part of and the user Nathaly even added the clothes and the hair”

EA debunks Sims 4 rumors

Turns out the toddler assets were from a previous Sim game. They were used to create a picture to wish a happy birthday to EA CEO Andrew Wilson.

sims 4 rumors
via tumblr

Yup, leave it to EA to ruin all the fun. But this still leaves some interesting questions unanswered. Could EA introduce toddlers in a future Sims game or even to the current installment via update? We can just speculate at this point.


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