If you were excited for a game pack for The Sims this month, then The Sims Community Manager SimGuruDrake has some bad news for you. According to her, there will be no new Sims update in the month of March. She did, however, confirm that a new patch is indeed in the works.

The Sims 4 Get Together

When asked if there will be a pack this month, however, SimGuruDrake answered in the negative: “There will not be a pack this month.” Her response to a question about the next game pack being about restaurants was also in the negative, answered with a gif of a duck shaking its head (warning: is adorable).

Rumours about a restaurant themed game pack were sparked when SimGuruNinja had a chat with a Simmer over a possible new game pack, in which The Sims producer answered using the worlds “hungry”, “serve up” and “fresh info”, which certainly points to a culinary inclination. It turns out the producer may just have been a bit hungry when tweeting, though.

A restaurant themed game pack has long been rumoured, and EA partially fuelled the fire with a survey that optioned pop-up restaurants, as well as markets for Sims to buy fresh food. Could that pack have been delayed instead? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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