Seeing that cityscape, and realizing you can’t explore it freely at all, really disappointed many players, even though they should have seen it coming. However, despite all its shortcomings, The Sims 4 City Living DLC brings a lot to the table and it may bring a whole lot more with the rumored Celebrity Edition.

the sims 4 city living dlc
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The Sims 4 City Living DLC to get a Celebrity Edition

Gamenguide reports that The Sims 4 City Living DLC might get a Celebrity Edition by February of 2017. We hope the new edition adds more interaction in the game. At the moment, the new DLC takes the point of living in a city out of the game. It’s like living in London but you’re not allowed to go to tourist attractions. You can’t see the houses of Parliament, you can’t go to the Big Ben, you can’t go to the castle and there’s just a city but of course no public transit. Not to mention the fact that they take cars away from us.

They should have made it like the Sims 3 but with a modern look and add world adventures but with an actual airport. And a plane with more countries and the countries should have a modern look to them. Also, they should definitely bring back seasons. At the moment, the problem with the open world is that it was done very poorly. We think the districts are a good idea to get a feel of an open world-ish vibe but it could be a bit bigger.

They would have to edit all of the neighborhoods in order to enable open world which is nearly impossible to do since it would require a huge update that would probably ruin other functions of the game. And then if they decide to make new neighborhoods they would have to always go back and edit those too.


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