We have information regarding the 3rd Sims 4 expansion pack titled City Life. Today we have some exciting news for you and we ourselves are really excited about it. If you remember that email account Simnonymous, the person leaking new information regarding the new Sims 4 City Life DLC, he just deactivated his account and we thought that’d be the end of the leak. But a Brazilian fan-site named Simscenter has released what they claim to be a larger and clearer version of the Sims 4 City Life DLC. There’s no official announcement by the Sims 4 team but here’s what we have obtained from the leaks so far.

sims 4 city life dlc
via youtube

Sims 4 City Life DLC will feature apartments

So, a few emails have been sent to someone called the Simscraper. This was almost about a week ago. Basically one of the leaked emails said Sims 4 City Life DLC will feature apartments and penthouses.

sims 4 city life dlc
via youtube

New tourist NPCs

These will have different priorities than townies. For example, they’ll be seen checking city maps more often and taking selfies. They will usually travel in a group of five or six Sims. At the moment, the Sims 4 team is rumored to be discussing whether the group of tourist NPCs should be larger.

New cultural food

The new cultural food will include Indian and Chinese. You will also have the ability to learn the recipe by eating that food.

sims 4 city life dlc
via youtube

Improved UI

This is definitely good news. The rumor doesn’t exactly feature what kind of changes will be done to the Sims 4 UI after the release of this expansion pack so we’ll have to wait for an official confirmation from EA

Other minor changes

Sims 4 City Life DLC will add more than one new trait and we might also see the return of sushi. Sims 4 dev team is also rumored to be working on a band system (based on the coding of Get Together’s Club). If it doesn’t release with Sims 4 City Life DLC, it might be featured in the next expansion pack about bands.

The rumors come from an email of a person claiming to be an EA employee. We’ll keep you updated with more Sims 4 City Life DLC updates.


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