Silent Hill P.T. was a since then cancelled teaser for Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hill game. This teaser was made available in early 2015, and was removed from the PlayStation Store in May 2015. Fans were really upset about the decision, and PS4 consoles containing the demo were put up on eBay for ridiculously high sums. The demo is still not available officially, but its legacy now lives on in Dying Light, thanks to the efforts of fans who re-made the teaser in that game.


There is a video of the new map, which can be viewed at the bottom of this post. All in all, the work done here is very impressive, as all of it was done in the custom mapping tools of Dying Light. The custom map is titled “Repetition – The Horror House”, and it can be downloaded from the Steam Workshop. So only PC players can get their hands on this map currently, as console versions of Dying Light don’t support modding. The map itself is heavily inspired by P. T. both in terms of looks and gameplay: it looks almost identical to P. T., and also plays very similarly. The player has to run around in the closed hallways of a horror-house, which keeps changing for the worse as the player makes the loops around the house.

The main game of Dying Light has nothing to do in terms of gameplay with this custom map, so it is amazing that fans of P. T. pulled this off in the custom map tools. Dying Light has received an Enhanced Edition recently, alongside the Following expansion, which adds an entire new location with a new 20+ hours long story. The Following can be bought for 20 USD or EUR depending on the buyer’s region, but the Enhanced Edition was a free update for all previous Dying Light players. We can’t wait to see if new P.T. inspired mods and map will arrive soon for the game.