Silent Hill: Downpour begs to be explored. Beneath the veer of a quiet suburban town dwells the special flavor of Hell fitting for any unlucky soul who happens to pass through. It’s a unique setting that intrigues visitors time and again. But after so many outings, changes were needed to keep Silent Hill feeling fresh. And now we can see a return of Silent Hill to the PC. There are rumors going around about a possible Silent Hill: Downpour PC Port in development.

silent hill: downpour pc port
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Silent Hill: Downpour PC Port was in development but cancelled but we think that’s not the end

Silent Hill: Downpour just released on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility recently. Just moments ago, Rely On Horror got into contact with former Vatra Games developer. And he confirmed that Silent Hill: Downpour PC Port was indeed in development.

“According to my source who worked on Downpour at the studio during its development, Silent Hill: Downpour had a PC port in development that Konami cancelled. It was set to release November 2012, some eight months after the console launch on March 13, 2012. The former Vatra developer was not able to say what caused the cancellation of the port, but given the game’s handful of delays, I’m assuming Konami wanted to cut costs. Mainstream media reviews were also not kind. But I happened to really enjoy it.”

But with the recent release of Silent Hill: Downpour on Xbox One BC, we believe the game could make a possible come back to PC once again. Another Silent Hill game on the PC won’t harm anyone and it’s been a while since PC gamers got a chance to explore the misty and murky depths of the abandoned town.

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