Only a few weeks left until Sherlock season 4 is released and many rumors regarding what will happen in it have surfaced, thus giving an increase to its hype. Judging from the teaser trailer of Sherlock season 4, everyone inside Sherlock’s circle will be in grave danger. Here is what is expected to happen in the upcoming season of Sherlock.

John Watson’s Baby In Danger?

As we all know, in Sherlock season 3, Dr. John Watson married Mary. The two started living a happy life together, and now, in season 4, it is said that the two will have a baby. The newly wed couple are expected to have a baby soon, which will without any doubt, make the two happy. But it seems that the happiness won’t last for long as the life of the baby will be in constant danger. Sherlock is not also fond of sharing his ideas with John Watson, because of which is always left clueless.

Sherlock Season 4 To Feature A New Powerful Enemy 

Along with this, Sherlock season 4 is also rumored to feature a new powerful enemy. The teaser trailer does increase the hype for season 4, but at the same time, it leaves many fans clueless regarding what the next season will feature. Now, Screenrant reports that Sherlock season 4 will be full of surprises, as it will feature an enemy dangerous than Moriarty. According to them, Culverton Smith will become a big threat for Sherlock, and will even try to poison the detective. So fans can definitely expect to see some exciting and big surprises in Sherlock season 4.

Sherlock Season 4

Sherlock To Solve A Big Mystery In Sherlock Season 4

The tagline of Sherlock season 4, “It’s Not A Game Anymore”, indicates that Sherlock will have to solve a mystery far more complicated than before. He will have a hard time in solving it as the enemy he will now face will be smarter, stronger and more powerful than Moriarty. So it won’t be a walk in the park for Sherlock this time. Fans can also expect to see some new characters in Sherlock season 4.

Moriarty Is Back In Sherlock Season 4

On the other hand, Jim Moriarty is also back in Sherlock season 4. Judging from the events happened in Sherlock season 3, everyone thought that Moriarty is dead for sure. However, the teaser trailer of Sherlock season 4 opened with Moriarty saying “Miss Me?”. Though this isn’t surprising considering the fact that Sherlock didn’t actually defeated Moriarty in season 3. So this time, the latter might have something bigger and worse in his mind.

Sherlock Season 4 Release Date

The first episode of Sherlock season 4 will air on January 1, 2017. Let us know if you’re excited for it or not in the comments below.