The first preview of the BBC series about the famous character created by Arthur Conan Doyle was premiered at Comic Con in San Diego.

Sherlock , the series of the BBC about the famous detective created by Arthur Conana Doyle , is one of the protagonists of the San Diego Comic Con. The cast of fiction led by Benedict Cumberbatch, Amanda Abbington and Mark Gatiss  with producer Steven Moffat, have flocked to the famous convention California to talk about what fans of fiction will be in the fourth new Trailer and also to present the first trailer for the new episodes .

In advance, Sherlock, Watson (Martin Freeman) and company fear the return of the great enemy of Baker Street detective resident: Moriarty (Andrew Scott). In addition, we can also take the first look at Toby Jones, the villain of this new season and an unkempt Cumberbatch. The trailer seems to confirm what the team of the series has advanced in its panel of Comic Con: the fourth season will be the darkest of all.


The fourth season of Sherlock premiered on BBC in 2017 . On these lines, do not miss the trailer.

‘Sherlock’: The fourth season already has release date

The new release will kick off with the episode “The Six Thatchers’.

It’s official! The BBC has announced the day that all fans of Sherlock  will have to aim in red on your calendar. British fiction starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman  as Watson will return to the small screen on January 1, 2017 .

The chain has carried out the announcement through their official Twitter account and an image in which the violin protagonist appears. “Sherlock return with ‘The Six Thatchers’ on January 1, 2017”, can be read at the message accompanying the photograph. If you remember, the title of the first episode of ‘The Six Thatchers’ series was announced by the chain ago. After this come the second entitled ‘The Lying Detective’.

Although many details about the plot will follow the new season are not known, it is certain that the trailer has already predicted that Sherlock will have to deal with the return of his enemy Moriarty ( Andrew Scott). However, it will not be the only one. The detective created by Arthur Conan Doyle faces also see the character played by Toby Jones called Culverton Smith . On these lines, do not miss the trailer.

‘Sherlock’: Benedict Cumberbatch Denies That The Fourth Season Will be the Last


The fate of Sherlock, the series starring Benedict Cumberbatch  and Martin Freeman  issued by the BBC, has been uncertain since been renewed for a fourth season. Fans of fiction are still wondering if the next installment, whose premiere is scheduled for 2017, will be the útima or we will have more cases featuring the character created by Arthur Conan Doyle .

The team of the series has not helped to calm the anxiety of the followers.Cumberbatch already stated that the fourth season would be “the end of an era” , something that scared the fans of fiction. However, recent statements by British actor will be a great relief for everyone.

Cumberbatch is in full promotion of his debut in the Cinematic Marvel Universe with the movie Doctor Strange (Strange Doctor) and he has told  AP  that many thought Sherlock end in his fourth season because of an “irresponsible journalism” .

The actor has said that the journalist who collected these statements “tried something sensational” from one of his phrases with a “total distortion” of them.The interpreter said that the fourth season is “the last, for the moment” , but that last part was removed, causing all the fuss.

The co-creator of the series Steven Moffat, meanwhile, has already announced that the fourth season could be the final since he was not sure “how long he could keep doing it.” However, he also warned that saved some elemtnos plot should carry out the fifth season . Now on these lines, do not miss the trailer for the new episodes.


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