It appears SEGA Europe has enlisted a domain name called “”. Truth be told, they’re specified straightforwardly as “Sega Europe Ltd.” But could Shenmue HD be a redo?

shenmue 3
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We may get Shenmue HD from SEGA soon

We don’t know how this sounds like a remake. Considering the space really says Shenmue HD. It doesn’t state Shenmue revamp.

So in that regard, we know the work is not effectively done. When you redo a game, you are physically changing the whole game. So that is a great deal more of an exorbitant attempt. However, other than that, it’s as yet going to have all a similar cost that accompanies delivering a game from the beginning. So we don’t trust it’s a remake. It’s conceivable that it’s basically a remaster.

Likewise, this is not Alien Isolation which was an exceptionally western themed game that bodes well to release on several consoles. SEGA is extremely preservationist. They realize what bodes well for multi-consoles. What’s more, they realize what bodes well for one console. Additionally, they even recognize what bodes well for one particular locale. SEGA is so difficult and concentrated on what they discharge to particular markets that they’ll even deny discharging a game to a particular area on the off chance that they don’t feel like profiting off the interpretation. There are few Yakuza games that have never made it toward the West in spite of existing in the East. Anyways, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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