We’re extremely pleased to introduce you to the next generation display of 7680×4320 aka 8K. At CEATEC Japan, the Japanese equivalent to CES, Sharp IGZO 27 inch 8K 120Hz HDR Display was revealed. It makes use of all the latest innovations and breakthroughs made in 8K 120Hz HDR and implements them here. This is an 8K native pixel to pixel panel.

sharp igzo 27 inch 8k 120hz hdr display
via oc3d

Sharp IGZO 27 inch 8K 120Hz HDR Display is nothing like ever seen before

“Over at CEATEC (Japanese technology show) Sharp shows something rather special, a 27-inch with an 8K resolution at 120Hz HDR IGZO monitor. It is an incredible achievement PPI wise to get that many pixels on such a small screen.

The IGZO based display offers a pixel density of 326 PPI, next to that it is HDR compatible and offers 1000 nits in brightness. 8K120 with HDR is 7680×4320 at 10 bits per color channel, at 120 times a second you’d need 120 gigabits per second of bandwidth at a minimum (~ 15 GB/sec). As the photo shows to be able to drive such a high bandwidth, the monitor needs eight DP connections. Each DP connection would offer 32 Gb/s (if DP 1.4).

IGZO is a type of transistor used in a display’s TFT backplane, which is what controls the display panel (whether that panel is TN, IPS, or even OLED). It uses Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide as a semiconductor instead of Silicon. IGZO just means some power savings especially on mobile devices with ultra-dense displays. There is no difference in image quality, accuracy, or what have you, between aSi-TFT-driven IPS displays and IGZO-TFT-driven IPS displays. The monitor on display obviously is a prototype to showcase IGZO technology from Sharp.”

You can read the full review of the monitor at guru3d. Stay tuned to MobiPicker as we keep you up to date with everything related to the new Sharp IGZO 27 inch 8K 120Hz HDR Display.


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