‘Shameless’ Season 8 Spoilers & Release Date: Return of Jimmy / Steve, Fiona’s Settlement And More

“Shameless” Season 8 spoilers indicate that the episodes will focus on how the Gallaghers handle the bag of meth worth $70,000 left by Monica after her death. The upcoming season will also focus on Fiona and her settlement in real estate. Also, check out whether Jimmy and Steve will return on not.

“Shameless” Season 8 is sure to pick up from where the last season concluded. In the previous season, viewers were exposed to an unexpected truth about Monica. She carried meth bags worth $70,000 which after her death is now the property of the Gallaghers, reports International Business Times.

What Will Gallaghers Do With Meth Bags In ‘Shameless Season 8?’     

Reports indicate that the much-awaited comedy-drama will be returning sometime in the fall of 2017 or even earlier. The upcoming season will focus on how Frank is enjoying his life on the fortune of his deceased wife, Monica. Also the “Shameless” Season 8 episodes will now focus on how the Gallaghers will handle the inheritance of Meth bags.

Shameless Season 8

Earlier all the members of the family were seen going in different directions after Monica’s death.  However, recent speculations say that each of them will be connected to the other as Frank loved his wife and everyone in the family is quite aware of that. Incidentally, one of the members, Lip will be showing a matured side and will think of going back to the college.

Also, the source says that “Shameless” Season 8 will focus on the relationship of Ian with Trevor.

Will Fiona Settle Finally In The Real Estate Business?

The previous season showed Fiona venturing into the real estate business and buying a new building in the “Shameless” Season 7 finale. Now, in the upcoming season, she will be shown as an independent entrepreneur who is going to completely focus on her new venture. Speculations also indicate that “Shameless” Season 8 will also focus on her troubled love life and the things that affected her previous relationship.

With her broken past, there is a possibility that she can get back to her ex-flames, Jimmy/ Steve or Sean, says Inquisitr. However, the source rules out the possibility of her reuniting with ex-husband Gus in “Shameless” Season 8.

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