“Shameless” Season 8 spoilers are already adrift even though the show is yet to get a release date for the upcoming season. According to the latest speculations, Frank Gallagher will try to find a new love for him as he cannot live without support. Will he find a rich woman at Liam’s school? Check out the details!

“Shameless” Season 8 will once again reveal the details about the Gallagher family and is expected to focus on Fiona who is aiming to shift to another city for pursuing her real estate business and also on the patriarch of the family, Frank Gallagher. Fans are just eagerly waiting for Netflix to come up with the next season sooner.

Will Frank Continue To Mourn Loss Of Monica In ‘Shameless’ Season 8?

The last season showed Frank mourning the mother of his children and the love of his life, Monica. There is a strong possibility that he might be even feeling guilty of Monica’s death. It is certainly possible because both Frank and Monica were partying hard just before she died and it can be one reason of her death.

However, Monica already was on the threshold of losing her life since she was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor, says Blasting News. Even then Frank can be possibly the one causing her to die sooner as he did punch his wife in the face. Certainly, it could have been difficult for the woman with a brain tumor to handle that strong punch.

Shameless Season 8
Shameless -The Gallagher Family

According to spoilers, the death of Monica may change the perspective of Frank towards life in “Shameless” Season 8. On the other hand, fans are speculating that Frank being what he is will start hunting for a new woman sooner, one who is beautiful and rich as well.

Frank May Come Up With Another Scheme

Speculations hint that Frank will go back to his scheming ways to find an easy life. It means he will try to find a woman who will take care of him. With Liam going to an expensive private school in “Shameless” Season 8, there is a chance for Frank to get access to a woman of his liking.


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