Fans are quite overjoyed to know that ‘Shameless’ Season 8 will feature Frank Gallagher (to be again played by William H. Macy). He was never able to stick to the path of righteousness but this time he is expected to modify or make amends for his previous blunders.

Shameless Season 8
Photo Source: Facebook/Shameless

The upcoming episodes of ‘Shameless’ Season 8 will show the impact of Monica Gallagher’s (Chloe Webb) death on her husband Frank’s life. There are speculations that he will change the way of leading his life for himself and the betterment of his family members in the upcoming season. The upcoming season will indeed pick up from the sudden death of Monica out of brain aneurysm and show how the Gallagher siblings are trying to cope with the situation to continue with their lives.

Entertainment Weekly has released an exclusive photograph that shows Frank apologizing to his children for his past blunders. The 67-year old actor, William H. Macy (who plays the role of Frank) said in a conversation with the website that the above-cited scene features his character trying to convince his children to see him what presently he is. He also insists his children that he should not be mistaken as a person they knew in the past. Macy, who has received his fourth Emmy notification for his role in 2017, further said that ‘a new Frank means a new beginning and a fresh start.’

On the other hand, the world of Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan) was rocked with the sudden returning of Mickey Milkovich (Noel Fisher), his former love in the previous season of ‘Shameless.’ Even this twist in the plot highly pleased the viewers and everyone is expecting that the character will again be seen in the upcoming episodes of ‘Shameless’ Season 8, Movie Pilot suggests.

Don’t miss the premiere of ‘Shameless’ Season 8 on Sunday, November 5 only on Showtime.


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