“Shameless” Season 8 spoilers suggest that Fiona (Emmy Rossum) will decide to turn back to the Gallagher family and walk out of the home to pursue her career in real estate. Also, she is expected to fall in love and take a lesbian lover. Check out in detail!

Fans are very much eager to know as to what is next for the Gallagher family. Recent updates have already suggested that the showrunner is planning a time jump in the upcoming “Shameless” Season 8. But the focus will also be upon Fiona who will most probably get out of the Gallagher family home and leave her siblings to take care of themselves.

Will Time Jump Change Fiona’s Decision In ‘Shameless’ Season 8?

The previous season showed that Fiona was determined to leave her home to pursue her career in real estate and take care of her, reports Hollywood News Daily. It is quite possible that she will just do it as planned or may even retract and continue to stay with her brothers and sisters.

Shameless Season 8

It is because the Gallagher home is in the name of Fiona, even though the home has been purchased by Carl using his street money. It makes Fiona legally as well as financially responsible for the house. Hence she is the first person who will have to deal with it. Of course, she can sell it to other family members including Ian, Lip or even Frank in “Shameless” Season 8.

Fiona To Get A ‘New’ Friend

Fiona has been a loner all through the last season. But it seems that she will be getting some support from Jessica Szohr. The actress will be playing the role of her friend, Nessa in the eighth season. However, speculations indicate that the two will be more than just friends, and she will be the lesbian lover of Fiona, says The Christian Post.

The last season was very tough for Fiona as she did not have anyone to lean on to. However, in “Shameless” Season 8 things might start looking up for her with Nessa coming up to accompany her. Incidentally, Nessa is a tough, smart and strong lesbian who happens to be a tenant in the newly purchased building of Fiona.


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