“Shameless” Season 8 filming has already started and so has the spoilers that are currently scouring the internet. Everyone wants to know what the Gallagher family will do next. One important character, Fiona is expected to take a new lesbian lover which can go against the wishes of her family. Check out in detail related spoilers!

“Shameless” Season 8 is much anticipated by the fans as it is a hot favorite of the TV watchers. Although The Showtime has not come out with any information regarding the new season, several sources have revealed that Fiona’s love interest will take the center stage in the upcoming season.

Fiona’s Love Interest Will Be Different From The Rest

According to Inquisitr, in “Shameless” Season 8 Fiona will have another love interest but this time it will be different from what everyone was expecting. She will get into a same-sex relationship with a new girlfriend named Nessa (Jessica Szohr) according to the latest speculations.

Shameless Season 8

The previous season showed that Fiona was not involved in any serious relationship but kept on hooking up with multiple guys she came across through dating apps. One of her dating guys gave her a good advice about her finances and career and she gladly followed it.  But ever since she called off her wedding to Sean in “Shameless” Season 6 finale, she has been officially single.

Will Gallagher Family Accept Fiona’s Lover?

Fiona has had a series of bad luck with many men. Also, she has been stressed by the recent loss of her mother Monica due to which lately the Gallagher sister has become a bit rebellious. Maybe taking a girl as a lover is her way of rebelling in “Shameless” Season 8. In the past, even her friend V was involved with a woman.

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But it needs to be seen whether the Gallagher family accepts the new lover in the life of Fiona, especially Frank who do not want Fiona to become independent for his selfish reasons.